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At Giuntabell, we believe in inspiring the charity and not-for-profit community to reach its maximum potential. Reporting the right information at the right time to your stakeholders is the key to achieving your objectives. In an effort to deepen strategic impact from finance, there is a strong push to improve finance operation efficiency and effectiveness.
However, charity and not-for-profit organisations face an array of reporting challenges:

  • Stewardship and reporting by funds, grants, programs and donors
  • Compliance with state and federal regulations and donor restrictions
  • Compliance with Australian accounting standards such as revenue recognition
  • Board members and executives demanding greater cost control, transparency and reporting
  • Stakeholders and staff spread across multiple locations that require real-time access.

With limited IT resources and far too many manual accounting processes, finance teams utilise traditional reporting that only provides backward-looking information about the prior month, quarter, or year. However, executives need real-time reporting that can be customised by role, program, location, funding source, and more.

With our unified experience in the charity and not-for-profit sector, we can support you to automate those elements of financial reporting that conventional solutions are unable to manage. However, it is more than just reporting problems that we address. Revenue recognition, overhead cost allocations, funding acquittals, expense control and month-end procedures represent other significant challenges.

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About Giuntabell

We believe in inspiring the charity and not-for-profit community to reach its maximum potential. With our unified experience in the charity and not-for-profit sector, we work with our clients to explore their individual needs in finance and technology to provide exceptional results for their community. We partner with organisations to provide a professional, ethical service and deliver measurable finance and sector-specific technology outcomes.

About the Presenter

Nunzio Giunta is the Managing Partner and Founder of Giuntabell and the driving force behind the expert care and CFO expertise it delivers. Passionate about enhancing the financial performance of charities and the non-profit sector, Nunzio cares for, protects and understands your organisation. As a CPA qualified not-for-profit expert, Nunzio strongly believes that charities and not-for-profits that do good should be successful and he works to help your organisation succeed. His areas of speciality include financial reporting, systems implementation, revenue recognition, charity compliance, risk management, budgeting and forecasting.

Nunzio is a member of the Australian Tax Office’s Not-for-Profit Stewardship Group, is Deputy Chair of the CPA Queensland Not-for-Profit Committee, and a member of the Australian Accounting Standards Board Not-for-profit Project Advisory Panel. He has recently won a Sage Finance Futurist award – one of ten finance leaders from a variety of sectors and backgrounds chosen from Australia, the UK, US, Canada and France, recognised for driving innovation and showing leadership across businesses of all sizes.

Above all, Nunzio’s professionalism, integrity and genuine passion for the Giuntabell community translates to compassionate care and expert advice which will add value to your not-for-profit organisation.

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